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As California residents changed the course of cannabis policy in the mid 1990's with the passage of Proposition 215, our founder had already spent an impressive fourteen years involved with the design, planning, and execution of large scale commercial indoor and outdoor operations, as well as the training of hundreds in such. By 2007, ten more states joined California with regulated medical cannabis programs. Knowledge built over the previous two plus decades was used to advise and guide many in the industry. Our CEO and founder alone holds in excess of thirty years experience, not only nationwide, but globally. Thousands of operators were trained and advised in various sectors of the industry including indoor and outdoor commercial cultivation operations, public relations and media coverage, marketing, staffing, and project management.  These roles were undertaken in a time where various unfortunate surprises could arise despite fully licensed, state compliant operations, and still occur in some cases. The legal and political environment at the time was notoriously unstable, and as a result, an uneasiness regarding formal and public participation existed, further exacerbated by naming Illinois as his home state. Often, a silent advisory role was established while laying the foundation for the organization that exists today.


With the passage of additional medical laws all over the country, our founder took the time to intensively review the medical benefits of cannabis. Studying various scientific journals and patents issued in the US dating back to 1974, a two year period encompassing tens of thousands of pages sparked a fascination with medical research programs, leading to a new area of advisory with specific interest in cannabis’ role in inhibiting and reversing the growth of certain cancerous cells.


Clearly, the industry was gaining momentum which would continue far into the future, and therefore a firm serving the needs of medical cannabis operators nationwide was conceived. Originally focusing on facility operation and cultivation, all other areas were inevitably addressed to a point where advisory roles were expanded, meanwhile maintaining the ownership and management of several companies in the area of real estate and finance in Illinois. Clients were represented in state licensed capacities for over two decades governed by a strict code of ethics and professional standards, ultimately accumulating transactions exceeding $100M while simultaneously advising all aspects of the emerging medical industry.


As the areas of expertise grew, the vision of the firm evolved into creating an organization that not only contracted the highest quality operators in the world, but also cultivated talent in those with great potential. Seeing the gap that exists between the top operators and the average producer and acknowledging the fact that those top operators never began as such, the firm took a hard stance to include proper advisory and training in order to establish a long list of consultants that are at the pinnacle of their specialty, being ultimately responsible for the training of thousands of operators over the years. Our founder addressed potential recreational and tourism scenarios in California in advance of Proposition 19 up to ten years before such came to pass recently in Washington and Colorado. It is this complete level of understanding and analysis that has resulted in being referred to, in some circles, as one of the most prolific cultivators in the world, as well as one of the most influential, with his fingerprints on thousands of individuals and operations globally.


As the years passed and more states have continued to join the list of medically approved programs, while others have contemplated and implemented recreational programs, the need for consulting and full industry guidance has never been greater. Addressing all aspects and areas of concern, the firm was established in order to create the largest selection of the finest operators in the world, with the greatest resources, including one of the best commercial contractors in the nation widely known for their extensive mission critical work which includes law enforcement and medical facilities. We take the greatest pride in being the source where top tier operators throughout the world turn to for their advisory and operational guidance, and are, and always remain humbled and honored to be the recipient of your confidence and trust.


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