Cultivation & Dispensary Real Estate

The medical cannabis industry presents a unique set of challenges when addressing site review, selection, and negotiation. From securing the property with favorable terms to assessing future needs which are constrained by strict budget guidelines in many cases, virtually all aspects may pose a challenge throughout the process. brings 30 years of real estate expertise to aid with these challenges.


is well versed on the needs of the operator, operation, and the numerous aspects, as well as the hidden opportunities which can come into play when seeking and securing an appropriate property for your operations. A simple oversight may not only prevent future expansion, but may very well cost the owner/operator potentially hundreds of thousands or more in various other areas. Many unique and creative options that may not have been apparent during initial planning may be possible upon further analysis. The objective is not only to establish your operation as a premier facility, but structuring your real property acquisitions to create the greatest long term investment strategies possible.


Superior project management is also a significant factor when addressing the decision to commit and pursue a cultivation or dispensary operation, specifically as states begin to limit licenses granted. The coordination beginning with the license application preparation, proper site selection and negotiation, conception, design and build out, followed by recruitment, staffing, all of which are executed simultaneously to produce a fully operational, fully staffed, turn-key operation as soon as able following license approval.  A quick turnaround, as stated, can have an immeasurable impact on revenues, as well as establishing market share.


When engaged to serve in this capacity, we are unsurpassed in our total and complete command of any and every aspect, every moment, of every day until operational.


We are also able to conceive, design, and build out any location, in any state requested, through our exceptional nationwide design and engineering team.